Saturday, February 4, 2012

the writing on the wall

Really, I'm surprised that more graffiti artists don't tell us -as this one does - that "the writing's on the wall"?    The beauty of this particular notification is that it's not clear what it refers to - so one can fill in the blanks.  Ignoring generalizations (for society? for Los Angeles? for Newt Gingrich), this inscription at Sunset Junction could invoke the Sunset Junction festival in the future (nothing on line suggests any definite 2012 existence), or the more specific wall being built by the Cafe Stella owner (in which he's promising to put Moroccan style windows and which he says he'll cover with bougainvillea - there's be more bar space the other side of it), or the future of this very piece of crumbling concrete, which is at the back of what's now a vacant and sad spot of land.  Or maybe it's just looking to the hopeful immolation of (s)hell oil - for, if one goes back round the back of the wall, there's another very fine piece of protest art:

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