Monday, September 29, 2014

early morning, with birds

From our living room window, looking east, just as the sun was rising this morning.  It does look rather uncannily like a Condolences card, though ...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

the unbelievable innocence of a small cat

I knew that putting a card on top of my iced coffee was a mistake.  Once Mothy had decided that her aim for the morning was to get her little muzzle inside, nothing was stopping her.  The look of post-facto innocence - indeed, the complete denial of havoc wrought - is, indeed, not to be believed for a minute.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

jello mold

This is every bit as bad a piece of kitsch as you fear it is.  Yes - it's a USC Jello Mold - or rather, a Jigglers mold, only I've never heard of a Jiggler, and it sounds more than a little iffy.  It was last night's give-away at the volleyball game - makes a (regrettable) change from t-shirts.  The back of the card tells one that if you use 2 parts strawberry to one part grape jello, you can create Cardinal Jello. What you do about Gold, I don't know - pineapple?  Why do I think I may never find out?  


spectacular blooming in the flower bed just by Parking Structure D.  It's a flower about which one wonders quite why it evolved in such a complex and ungainly way, as though it would far rather have been a bird.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

you are the air beneath my wings

I so like to have my graffiti in iambic pentameters.  This is new, underneath the 10 freeway.  I can't decide whether or not the words have anything to do with the watch-checking angel on the right ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

abandoned furniture

Some faithful readers will doubtless remember my prolonged series of The Abandoned Chairs of Highland Park (NJ).  Here, rivaling the very best examples, we have the abandoned chairs and mattresses of Los Angeles.  The second of these could well find its natural home in my class on narrative photography - it looks as though something is going on here; as though there's a story to be told - though in fact, I think these two are just walking by.


The view from courtside seats in the Galen Center tends to have the disadvantage of large Pac-12 cameramen sitting in front of one, and trailing theircables around one's feet and bag.  Yes, those are Bruin feet and legs on court, warming up.  Yes, they beat us much more easily than they should have done.  So that was very dispiriting.