Thursday, September 21, 2017

poke and condiments

So ... at the Wednesday Farmer's Market on campus, the falafel stall is nowhere in sight, but there is a wonderful new poke outfit, with some very tender spicy tuna, and every kind of genuine Hawaiian condiment that one could possibly dream of ...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

radical feelism

This Silver Lake wall on the way to work?  After having been quiet and dull for a very long and disappointing time, it's burst out in color again.  Somewhere in the occasional bursts of letters - "radical feelism."  And sometimes I wish that I could get rid of my impulse to double-check by Googling, because my imagination around the phrase has been somewhat squashed by finding that it has an originator, Dallas Clayton, illustrator, writer of children's books, and muralist - is this wall by him?  He believes that, yes, we should be in touch with our feelings.  In any case, it certainly made me feel more cheerful, even en route to a shockingly over-crammed day.

Monday, September 18, 2017


A long, long teaching and admin day - and the admin part isn't over yet ... so this is to symbolize the value of having some tranquil things to gaze at en route, like this jug on a sitting room shelf in the morning sunlight.  I'd love to be able to relate it to our excellent grad class discussion about archives and libraries ... but - unless one suggests that everything that one keeps is, in effect, an item in an archive, I can't quite make the leap ...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

the happiness of sleeping cats

With Walter Gomez safely 1,927 miles away (door-to-door, according to MapQuest), Moth (left) and LucyFur (right) can lounge about without anxiety ...

... at least, real, all-house integration has commenced.  Here, they're actually only a couple of feet from each other - Moth on my sofa, Fur on my desk chair.  There's been a little bit of hissing; one bark, or at least "woof" from Lucy - but they are much enjoying their reclamation of every bit of space.  And I'm just super-happy to get uplifting updates from Minnesota - WG is having a great time, too, it would seem ...

Saturday, September 16, 2017

lights in a jar

After the emotional intensity of the last couple of days (I don't recommend rehoming a beloved cat - however necessary that might be when it comes to feline tranquility and, indeed, safety - and even if he has a most loving new home with people who already spent this summer with him) - after that stress, and with a jaw aching from tooth-grinding, and a hurting head, I was so glad to come home to the tranquility of these little lights, sitting - thanks to Alice - in a vase in the dining room.

Friday, September 15, 2017

art, various

If one's taking a cat to Minneapolis, one might as well spend a day in the Minneapolis Institute of Art - fabulous works; fabulous and imaginative curation.  Here are just a few highlights - a late C19th torchière

Hecuba, looking desperate as ever (understandably);

some glass vases;

a mirror, a frame, a strange horned candelabra ...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

walter gomez starts his new life

Walter cannot believe his good fortune.  A whole house to himself?  No Moth?  No LucyFUR?  His very own scratching post, kitty palace, a new catnip banana?  TWO people who will tender to his every whim (aka our house sitters this summer).  Squirrels outside the patio window!  

Quite how I feel after flying a cat to Minnesota - LA traffic jam; having to take him out of his carrier and carry him through security screening (hint to anyone who needs it - in LAXT4, there's no separate kitty-screening room to go to if you're TSA-approved); pulling his little Sherpa bag through miles and miles of airports - let alone the heartbreakingness of taking him to a new home, even if his people already know him and love him to bits - I'll leave it to you to imagine.  But after his savaging of both Moth and Lucy - their septic injuries; the fact of Moth nearly losing one of her pretty ears; Lucy's permanent air of aggrieved trauma; the segregation; the hissing under doors - devastatingly sad though this is for us, it is, I really think, a very happy outcome for him.