Saturday, October 20, 2018

a very fine bobcat

OK - so you can't see him in detail.  But I looked out of my study window early this morning, and there was this fine bobcat strutting across the hillside, before he decided to sit down in the shade and wait for any passing mice or pack rats or rock squirrels or lizards.  There's only that wire fence between us and Griffith Park (and I make sure that there's an animal-passage-way underneath it, for easy access) - it's such a privilege to have him as our neighbor.

Friday, October 19, 2018

a screaming spook

Another Halloween offering on the streets of Los Feliz (and believe me ... many more to come!).  This one is not only screaming, but bears an uncanny resemblance to Mrs Thatcher.  Or Miss Havisham.  Take your pick ...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

hi, everyone!

Two cheerful skeletons and a cheerful (if large) spider, waving at you from down our street.  The neighborhood is really gearing up for Hallowe'en: a lot of skeletons and tombstones this year, and big fuzzy spiders (this particular house always has large spiders crawling over its front hedge).  Several hands popping up from underground; a couple of oversized grinning rats; some wispy ghosts; what looks (at a somewhat strange house) like the ghost of an Easter Bunny, perched on a pedestal; and a dismembered lizard (head and tail only were left ...).  Oh, wait: that last one had been left by an owl or a hawk, I should think - and wasn't an organized part of a decorative scheme, even if it did look completely in place.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

what a cat sees in the early morning

Moth very much enjoys sitting looking out of the bedroom window - it's on the second floor, and looks straight out into a tree (and then onto Griffith Park) - with luck (from her point of view), there'll be a squirrel in the tree, and maybe a lot of birds, and and and.  In other news, it was just wonderful to wake up and have a state of mind that matched the peacefulness outside.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

outside Keck Hospital, at the end of a long long day

OK - it's a boring photo, but the alternatives were worse ... It was a long day, leaving home at 6.45, and finally - well, we were back, via a pharmacy for painkillers, around 7.45 p.m.  But the good news - as many of you know - is not only that Alice's surgery went very well, but that there seem to be no traces of the cancer in either breast nor lymph nodes.  Lots of treatment still to come ... but this is super encouraging.  I'll spare you the day's exhausting confusions and waiting and and and.  I'll spare you any image of Alice having been stained (something to do with ultra-cleaning her skin) a bright Trumpian orange, topped with a pale blue face (like bad Victorian milk) as a result of the tracer dye that was put in her (and yes, she'll be peeing blue for the next 24 hours or so).  I'm just so happy that she's home and that the news is so very positive.

Monday, October 15, 2018

fight on ...

Admittedly, the precise resonances of this are most likely to be appreciated by those with USC connections ... but there we were, sitting in Keck Medical Center of USC, waiting for Alice to be imaged in some strange machine like a hollow and very visible tunnel, and staring at a campus Trojan in full armor, complete with a breastplate that, as Alice herself said, looks like an enormous tit.  Or rather ... it looks suspiciously like the round plate that was about to be taped to her left breast, after four (four! - thank goodness for lycocaine) injections of some traveling tracer dye were shot into said breast.  This then refused to travel where it was meant to, thus rendering two and a half hospital hours peculiarly useless ... though maybe it will have snailpaced along by tomorrow morning.  For tomorrow is surgery day - please keep all your fingers crossed and candles lit.  "Fight on," our university motto, is singularly apposite ... 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

surface reading

One of the sessions that I was in today was grouped around a strangely polished set of metal topped tables, which clashed (I spared you this) quite horribly with the florid, curlequeued, brightly coloured swirling carpet.  It was, however, maybe the most picturesque thing today - a day that was both full (with conference) and frustrating (connecting flight canceled, routed back through Miami, where I still am, hoping to escape for LA in an hour or two).  It was a terrific NAVSA - I hope other people's journeys back have been smoother ...