Thursday, March 26, 2015

poppy, with cricket

The poppies have flowered!  They are shining orange on the hill that constitutes a whole lot of our back yard.  This one has a particularly fetching cricket on it.  Most likely they'll bleach and fade in the 90 degree heat that's coming our way in the next few days, but this is a true sign of (Californian) spring.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a high standard of graffiti

I used to think of Rutgers bathrooms as providing a high standard of graffiti: USC - not so much. Either the janitors have more door cleaning demanded of them, or our undergrads are so hi-tech that they no longer carry writing implements around with them.  But this evening, I dived - dove? - into a bathroom at the foot of VKC on my way back from a Chairs' Dinner - and was rewarded by this. Radicalism, Joe Hedges and Chris Sacco style!  It's the antidote to an earlier experience: an enthusiastic u/grad walking backwards and herding a flock of local - maybe 10th graders? - and expounding on the wonders of the university.  She extolled the virtues of the Wednesday Farmers' Market - silence.  She mentioned the 24 hour Starbucks - and a cheer went up.  Consumerism and commodification had clearly done their dumbing and numbing work - leaving them all too probably deaf to the messages on bathroom doors ...

Know History

More wisdom from USC's EdMonth.  Know History, Know Self.  No History, No Self.  Not to mention "self education is most important."  I couldn't agree more.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

during spring break

... this bloomed.   For years, Alice has admired my mother's constantly flowering orchids, and refused to believe her formula of benign neglect.  But this year, she followed her advice: put them in a poorly-lit spot, barely watered them, didn't feed them (actually, that sounds more like abuse than benign neglect).  But lo!  Regeneration!  And very wonderful to come home to.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

more bagging

Not to be outdone by Walter Gomez, Mothy is making her bid for transportability.  There was a terrible noise this evening that wounded just like someone letting themselves in the front door with a key: investigation proved that this was in fact Moth getting into a Whole Foods bag.  Doesn't she realize that it's hard to leave, and to wave a temporary farewell to skies like the one on our walk this afternoon?

Friday, March 20, 2015


Come Sunday, it's going to be very hard leaving Alice and los gatos here in New Mexico when I return to the last six weeks of the semester.  Walter Gomez seems pretty confident that this isn't going to be allowed to happen: he has already tucked himself into my bag.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


A cold, dank, foggy morning that left all the trees dripping with moisture - and then quite heavy rain this evening.  If this isn't the Spring Break weather that I seem to have left behind in SoCal, it's certainly very, very welcome to hear precipitation in these parts ...