Tuesday, May 22, 2018

a Yowler

This is Simba, my parents' cat (he was already called that when they adopted him from Battersea Cats' Home, I should point out).  In human years, he's probably older than they are, and they are 94 and 95.  He is, in other words, a little frail and wobbly - and he yowls.  He yowls - heart-rending yowls, channeling his inner Siamese - roughly every twenty minutes, all through the night.  I've tried suggesting, gently, that they might want to consult a vet; that he might have a thyroid problem; that he might have rheumatism; that he might have some hidden trouble (I should say - he doesn't actually seem to be in physical pain, or I'd take action.  But).  "Ah," says my mother, vaguely, "he just wonders where we are."  Well, maybe.  But he's not conducive to sleep (oh, and - they take their hearing aids off at night ...).

Monday, May 21, 2018

an English summer garden

Things are looking at their early-summer perfect in my parents' garden.  I completely see the problem with replicating this style (and remaining sensitive to water usage) in Los Angeles (or Eldorado), but of all the things that I really miss about England, being able to have a garden like this is very high on the list.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Los Angeles as one doesn't usually see it ...

... that is, flying in when it's covered in a thick bank of cloud.  Flying in from ABQ; currently roosting for a few hours in AA's Flagship Lounge before heading off to LHR, eating particularly good hummus.  I was so glad to see the cloud cover - I'd been worried that my arugula crop would suffer from a lack of water during the few days that we were both away.  I needn't have been concerned: Alice just emailed me a photo of its flourishing green leaves, doubtless kept that way by this thick mantle.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

buzz buzz buzz

I don't think that many bees are on show here - but believe me, they are very loud.  These are blossoms on one of the locust trees in our back yard in Santa Fe (looking very healthy after last year's pruning and thinning), which are not only making us sneeze, but attracting, I'm happy to say, all the bees in the neighborhood.  We're here for a nanosecond - off tomorrow; back on June 1st.  Can't wait - this is a tantalizing blast of peacefulness.

Friday, May 18, 2018

cafe culture

Yes, that's right: it's a water feature steaming away, looking like a giant mosaic-covered cup of foaming coffee.  It's in a completely wonderful funky cafe in Moab - the Eklecticafe - which, in turn, is next door to Tire Pros.  Should you ever turn on your car in the morning and find a little warning sign come on saying Low Tire, I hope for your sake that you're within striking distance of the helpful, friendly, welcoming, cheerful, and efficient people at Tire Pros (we had to drive 19 cautious miles to get there, but all was fine.  They discovered a Nail, removed it, patched the tire up, sent us on our way) - and meanwhile directed us to this cafe oasis next door, which (apart from the traffic thundering past), was as near perfect a flowery space as possible (and the coffee and muffins were great, too ...).

Thursday, May 17, 2018

hiking trails and some horses

An energetic day in Canyonlands and Arches national parks, with a variety of trails.  The horses were at the ranch - we talked to them, but we used our own feet (and car) to get around.  Views were beyond spectacular: it's hard not to take photographs that are just touristic replicas of other people's stunned amazement at the views ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

night and day

Our final stop, en (long) route to Santa Fe, has many advantages, but a fast internet connection is not one of them (this has its merciful upsides, of course).  So here's the view from our idyllic balcony, post and pre dinner ...