Saturday, October 18, 2014

halloween preparations in Los Feliz

Halloween preparations are warming up around here, if that isn't too inappropriate a verb (this is on the corner of our street and Cadman, so it will be seen by lost of hikers on their way into Griffith Park).  Halloween has a tendency to send me into highly contrastive black and white.  This is best clicked on and seen in all its full-scale spookiness ... the whole front yard has a very good assortment of skulls, and gravestones, and a crow or two, although I fear the birds aren't visible in this image. This is rather intimidating so far as the standard of decoration goes: all the same, I might think it's time to dive into a box in the garage and bring out a tired paper pumpkin lantern or two ...

planted out for homecoming

The gardeners have been very busy with cardinal and gold plants all round campus.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

earthquake drill

Once a year, we have to practice earthquake drill - duck down, get under something solid, pretend it's shaking, hold on.  For a minute.  And then another minute, in case of aftershocks.  Actually I skipped that last bit, because it wasn't in my instructions, and I only read about it in the LA Times (but of course that makes sense).  This was the first time for me that it had actually coincided with a class - and as luck would have it, it was a class on "Photography and Trauma," so I could talk about photographs of earthquakes.  It did, though, cause an odd interruption in the flow of affect, if not of logic - hard to go back from this to Isis chopping off heads, and Ebola sufferers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

en route to the dentist

Is this the most imposing Police Department in the US?  Typical Beverly Hills, to be just slightly over the top.  But I always appreciate driving past it, this time en route to the dentist.  I'd have appreciated it even more if those clouds had dropped some rain ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

very early morning

The very good thing about having to go in to work very early in the morning is that I get to see the neighborhood looking beautiful and tranquil like this.  You'd think that it was the sea out there, not the 5 and Atwater Village ...

Monday, October 13, 2014

getting ready for Halloween

... in the gathering gloom of the evening, as we stretched our legs round the neighborhood before dark.  I can't believe that it's this time of the year already.  I have *so many deadlines* of October 15th that I ought to have dates seared on my consciousness, but Californian weather disrupts one's sense of seasons.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

still in need of a good home, but ...

When people ask how Bitzi is getting on - our timid, taken-from-feraldom a little too late, bullied-by-other-cats cat - I talk about her huge progress this year; her non-stop purring; her rolling over and over for tummy rubs and head butts and strokes; the way in which she rubs up against my legs again and again as I work.  Yes - the key, and the difficulty, lies in those last words: "as I work."  For she now lives in my study, largely safe from the other cats, and has come to love me, or at least to demand affection.  But, alas, only me.  So she's a one-person cat, and even though the point of this six month regimen of deferalization has been to turn into into a cat whom one can pet and treat like a normal house cat, I think I may be stuck with her.  She's still yours, however, to a one-person, no cat, no dog, nothing-scary home ... she'll come to love you, too ...