Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Things one doesn't really want to encounter when one returns near midnight from a few days away (even if prepared by one's responsible house-sitter) include a refrigerator that had somehow managed to have a blocked water tube to the ice maker, causing blocks of ice to form everywhere, water to leak, old towels to be sought out, cats to be mystified.  And so on. And yes, file under #firstworldproblems.  And yes, it seems petty to write about this when things nationally are, shall we say, considerably more troubling than the troubles caused by a leaking freezer.  Or, this is an allegory.  If I'd had more time - rearranged a graduate student meeting before class? not been dealing with the fact that my debit card was hacked a couple of months ago and used to set up a video games borrowing account? - I would have placed word and image together of the activity in Ferguson last night - how do different headlines, similar images, slant how images are read? - and it would have been a much more live and relevant and useful Writing and Photography session (for those students, that is, who hadn't already departed for Thanksgiving).  I hate teaching days when hindsight haunts one in this way ... but maybe Tuesday?

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