Wednesday, December 3, 2014

department holiday party

Everyone looks oddly solemn, under the space-ship like lighting!   But yes, there was festive food, and Adult Beverages, and table decorations, and Christmassy music.  I've just given a speech about Barb - who is retiring in a couple of weeks from her position as Office Manager - and I guess they're waiting to see what's in her large box. Answer - it's an iridescent glazed glass vase, with a snowdrop design (she's a glass person, making it herself with a kiln - so we also gave her a gift certificate for a glass supply company).  It's quite amazing to think that she first set foot on the USC campus in 1952, as a 17 year old.  I really wish that I'd taken a picture of her Christmas Necklace - I'll miss seeing those red and green twinkly lights every year ... the space between December and December is just long enough, annually, for me to forget about them ...

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