Friday, February 27, 2015

one more educational maxim. And graffiti.

Here's the final segment of idealism - with graffiti.  UCLA is, maybe, understandable graffiti when in UCLA blue and on the USC campus (if regrettable).  Coffee - less so (unless there's some street drug reference that I'm just too old for).  But then - something incomprehensible in something that looks much more like gang lettering, and UCLA - again - in lettering that's a cross between gang script and the product of a calligraphy course.  So: today's first question - if people took education more seriously, would there be less mindless graffiti like this?  And today's second question: if they took education to heart, would they discover that this quotation, albeit often misattributed to Yeats (and occasionally to Socrates), actually seems to come more or less from Plutarch in On Listening to Lectures: "The correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting — no more — and then it motivates one towards originality and instills the desire for truth." And then, third, why does it matter if we attribute quotations correctly?

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