Thursday, December 31, 2009

the end of 2009

First of all, this is in memory of Roxie: a dear, courageous, spirited dog whom I only had the privilege of meeting once in person, but who has been an inspiration to my own blog: without the support of her typist, my own musings would probably never have made it past Facebook. And because her typist loves this view, this is for her, and for MN.

I had, of course, been hoping anyway for a good sunset with which to round off the year. I'm not signing off on the Picture of the Day yet, though - I shall carry on until mid January, where I started in blog, if not in FB form. I'm still musing about quite what to do next - but I want to find some time to consider what it's meant to work at this as a daily practice, first. It's been very sustaining - a commitment to take some time out every day, and I'd never have kept to it if it wasn't for dear and loyal friends out there, commenting and keeping me going (and it's been great fun to see which pictures speak to whom). So thank you - and a Very Happy New Year - and ... more tomorrow...!

The other side of the house from the sunset, the huge moon rose somewhere over Glorieta. Its image seems quite apposite for the end of the year - not just the sum of 365 days, but looking very, very like that dot that used to appear and then fade out as one turned off one's television set. Goodbye, 2009.

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  1. Thank you, sister blogger friend, for this kind tribute and the beautiful eye candy, which gave the moms much consolation on this strange night of endings and beginnings. Already, they must say, I died last year.

    Thanks for this year of compelling imagery, rich analysis, and just generally wonderful blogging. You make us proud to be in the blogosphere, wherever else we may "be" right now. We can't wait to see where this blog and all of us go next. Paws up to you, sweet Kate.