Tuesday, September 27, 2022

knotting up the curtains

And why might we want to do this?  You might want to ask Gramsci ... he is, after all, a little frustrated and disappointed that we should tie up these playthings out of his reach, because they are such fun to play behind ... But these are relatively new curtains, and need to be protected from the ravages of little cat-spikes for as long as possible.  Also, the morning light was quite beautiful today.


Monday, September 26, 2022

not quite what I ordered

... but I'm delighted with the contents of this box, all the same (Moth, on the other hand, is wondering if there's a Returns label - Gramsci is still periodically monstrous towards her).  Why I thought I needed a winter jacket in this weather (94 degrees outside, today) is anyone's guess, anyway: a tabby and white feline is much more of an attraction.


Sunday, September 25, 2022

our front doorbell

I really haven't anything meaningful to say about our front doorbell, looking faintly Italianate on the peeling ochre outside wall.  But it's very fetching - and seeing it in this morning's sun provided one of those moments of visual gratitude for ordinary things ...


no photography

So there you are.  I thought I'd be posting a pic or two of Bonnie Raitt - playing at the Greek tonight, with Mavis Staples opening - but there were very firm signs on display, inside and out, and indeed the Image Police pounced on someone in the row in front of us who dared to take a photo.  BR was excellent - this was a delayed birthday present for Alice (that is, the birthday present was there in a timely fashion, but she then had to wait seven months), and although I've never been as big a fan as she is, she was impressive, especially (for me) the slower numbers.  And Mavis Staples, who seemed very tired when we saw her in Durham seven years ago, was full of human and political energy, and inspirational.  Perfect evening for an outdoor concert - clear and warm, with only two coyotes prowling the streets on our walk back ...


Friday, September 23, 2022

a happy volunteer

There are over 1,000 varieties of morning glory - imagine! - and I'm really not sure which this is.  Nor am I sure how it arrived in our front yard - I'm thinking that somehow, it could have hitched a ride from Santa Fe - others have, in the past.  But of course, it could equally well have blown in from somewhere round about.  I'm pretty certain that the only deliberate MG planting I've done has been in New Mexico.  But it was a wonderful surprise to see it blooming this morning - a happy volunteer.  I love the phrase "volunteer plant" - something that just grows of its own account, and hasn't been deliberately sown or dug in or grafted.  My favorite sighting this year (until this one, of course ...) has been a tomato plant flourishing, rather surprisingly, near the entrance to Cannizaro, in Wimbledon.  I can only imagine that its seed escaped, at some point, from a picnic sandwich.


Thursday, September 22, 2022

day in the library

... with my nose profitably to the grindstone, although work would have been easier if the section of the Huntington's basement with C19th US periodicals on the open shelf hadn't been out of bounds because of earthquake retrofitting, or some such.  Let's hope this doesn't go on for ever ... I could still get the volumes I needed, but hand-delivered, which lacks the potential serendipity of prowling around.  And at the end of the day I treated myself to some horticultural prowling - I'd written enough of my NAVSA paper for this to be a genuine reward.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Hallowe'en is - what - five weeks away?  I would have thought that one might, in all decency, wait until the calendar has flipped over into October before bringing out the ghouls.  But this guy is a new component in my very favorite ensemble (you'll see the skeleton mother rocking her skeleton baby in the background), so I guess I'll forgive it, especially since I realize that I'll be out of the country on the witching night itself, this year.