Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the end of 2013 ...

We keep our (very small) Christmas tree outside, on the patio table ... inside, it's just tempting fate with the Younger Cats (baubles, chain of shiny beads, variegated what-would-be-seen-as-kitty-toys).  So here's the star, silhouetted against the final sunset of 2013.  I was lucky: though 2013 was a crap year for very many people, for me there were some definite highlights (buying a new house! getting married - thank you, Supreme Court!) and the only real, if sustained low was in the spring, when various aspects of chairing ground me down into a low and exhausted state.  Curiously, it was teaching a Bread Loaf course on British Poetry that rescued me: a good reminder of the benefits of being shaken out of one's comfort zone.

For 2014?  I'd like some rain, please, here in NM, and in Los Angeles.  

This picture, as always on NYE. was taken at around 5 p.m., when sunset here coincides with the New year in England - an attempt at seasonal synchronicity.  So - whether it's already past, or yet to come -

HAPPY 2014, everyone!

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