Thursday, January 15, 2015

more trees, more leaves

It's turned into an arboreal week - to provide a counter point to meetings, more meetings, interviews, more interviews, and a particular administrative torture called Scheduling and Staffing, that involves trying to fit round pegs into more or less round holes (faculty's teaching wishes for next year into timetable slots) and then having some part of the administration replace those round holes with triangular ones.  Or octagonal ones.  I do not wish to have to tell my faculty to teach at 8 in the morning, or to spread out a course over Monday/Wednesday/Friday, when there's no internal timetabling need for this, simply because of a need to "maximise classroom space."  So I try and calm myself down with - well, trees, it would seem.  These are the tall tall shadows cast by some smallish trees out front on our neighbor's wall, making it seem as though we live at the bottom of a pale ochre canyon.

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