Friday, March 3, 2017

los borregos

I mean, yes, I suppose I realised why Borrego Springs/Anza Borrego Park had the name that it does, but I never imagined that this would translate into seeing several flocks of bighorn sheep.  These ones look as though they're in a diorama, but I promise you that they were alive and scrambling over the rocks.  These are all ewes - the really curly horned rams were half a mile away - some with lambs, and trying to get down to the creek without becoming too stressed by hikers hoping to find wildflowers.

This involved a great deal of standing look-out;

sometimes with bleating ...

This is the back yard of our hotel room (Borrego Valley Inn - we recommend - unpretentious and laid back and lots of Views).

Oh, yes - we came to look for wildflowers, which are just starting to be superb - and there were a good number of them ...

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