Thursday, August 24, 2017

bedroom windowsill flowers

The windowsill of the bedroom that I first occupied in 1961 ... and the ritualistic, welcoming, flowers from the garden.

And - let me just say that US politics look very, very, very strange from this foreign vantage point. Strange, appalling, and everything that you know them to be.  Having been surrounded by English people since I arrived on Tuesday, it's hard to comprehend them  (But I did get a Trump joke into my talk on Dandelions! "this year Crayola “retired” their wax crayon color they called “Dandelion” – which spawned the probable Fake News items on the Internet claiming that this was at the request of the White House – too many children were using it to draw unflattering portraits of the orange-faced President."  It got a good laugh).

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