Saturday, December 30, 2017

miscellaneous book shelf top

A very miscellaneous assortment of things on top of a bookcase in my study, in the golden late afternoon light ... from left to right: a cat print mounted on wood, from a second-hand store in Paris, Texas (yes, of course I once drove through there because of the Wenders movie); a sake tumbler from Ten Thousand Waves's store; a ?1920s postcard of a woman and a cat, from a flea market in Havana; a large quail jar, from Pasadena; a small painted wooden box, from, I think, Mumbai (the price sticker on the bottom indicates that it cost 3 rupees); a photograph/print loosely based on a statue that stood on the terrace of Alice's old house in LA; a painted tin cat from Doodlets, in Santa Fe; and a fused glass vase.  That's the only one whose origin I can't trace ... some crafts fair, somewhere ...

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