Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've been experimenting with taking indoor photographs of flowers against a black background (a paper by Matt Prepis on Jonathan Singer's Botanica Magnifica was the initial stimulus here) Singer gives individual blooms a preternatural luminosity, but I wanted to move away from his emphasis on the individual portrait, and to suggest flowers in a more intimate, and less aloof relationship with one another (in other words, looking for something that wouldn't be a mere imitation - so far as an imitation is possible using natural light rather than studio light.   And I spent a lot of time moving lights around yesterday, and didn't come up with anything expressive enough (I think I was trying to force expression onto the anemones, rather than just getting used to the fact that I liked their color).   Today was marginally more successful, but in many ways all that I achieved was a deeper knowledge of a whole lot of technical skills that I lack.


  1. Would it be too tasteless to admit I like yours better than his? That website of his is over the top, no? (enter blonde woman, stage left. . . ) And your flowers look real -- a bit crumpled -- not super-luminous. I'll take more realistic flowers any day.

  2. And may I just say that that shade of blue is simply the most beautiful thing I've ever seen? Glorious, Kate!

  3. *Thank you*! The flowers look even more super-crumpled after another warm day. I don't know where that weird blonde came from - I'm sure she wasn't there when Matt first gave me the link to the site...