Monday, April 27, 2009


This was turning out, I thought, just a little bit too Georgia O'Keeffe - and one can feel just a bit too over-exposed to her influence when one spends a lot of time in Santa Fe, so I was proceeding with caution, and wondering whether to try another angle or approach or... when I was distracted by a movement on the deck.   It was The Marauder.   I was shocked.               

There he was - quite shamelessly digging up lily bulbs, holding them in his pretty little grey paws, and nibbling.   It says something, of course, that I rushed for an appropriate lens, rather than banging on the glass and telling him to desist (but what good what that have done? the poor plant was no more...).   So I have broken my one-picture rule in order to tell a narrative (the tale, or for that matter bushy tail end of last week's class that looked at different kinds of story telling in photos) - and really, such shocking depredations have left me without words.

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