Saturday, August 21, 2010

come buy, come buy

Today was Indian Market, which meant that our alarm clocks were set very early indeed, in order to be down on the Plaza before seven, which is when sales start. Not that we were buying in a Serious Way - though we did purchase a few pieces of jewelry and a dark brown wool Navajo sheep ornament. But it is quite wonderful to see the whole range of Indian art, from traditional Acoma pottery - above - to much more modern pieces, like this.

The truly serious, determined, dedicated shoppers are here at dawn, too. One can tell them by their turquoise, their concha belts, their embroidery, and their Texas car number plates.

Much though I like looking at the works themselves, it's always the people who fascinate me the most, whether it's the families of exhibitors

or exhibitors themselves

or other family members who are behind the stalls and helping to show off the wares

or, of course, those who are determinedly on the prowl

or are beckoning to their friends to come and see something quite spectacular

or who are my own dear friends - a big hello to Laura Jagles, from Tesuque Pueblo. In other words, it was impossible to choose a Photo of the Day - so, for once, a photo-essay.

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