Friday, August 13, 2010

visiting the family

Meet Sophie. Mother of LucyFur and DandyLion, and another Formerly Feral Cat - so in need of rescue that when she was trapped - not too long after Dandy was born - she was so covered with eczema that she had to be shaved. Now that she's an Indoor Cat, she never looks at outside except through a window. This is the cat whom Alice and I once - before Lucy was rescued - saw stalk in the direction a couple of coyotes had gone in, leading them away from her new kittens. She is a brave and beautiful feline. And one great treat when staying in LA is to visit the Family Cat - Sophie, and Lucy's full brother Buster, and Dandy's full brother Charley (we're not sure whether they have identical paternity or not). One less great treat is my tendency to lose things - I ought to have my possessions tied to me with string, like the White Knight - for I totally lost my downloading widget for flash cards - or this would have gone up last night ...

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