Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dear American Airlines

Very many thanks for flying me safely to New York.  I greatly appreciate being somewhere that isn't unnaturally hot.

But please - why have you apparently moved all sockets at LAX Terminal 4 onto these sponsored charging stations, which provide nowhere to sit except the floor?  I don't mind sitting on the floor too much, although I feel I'm getting a bit old for this except when I've chosen to do so, but one's in danger from being tripped over by all those anxious travelers wearing face masks against any Ebola victims who might be wandering around.

Oh - and thank you for the working power socket at my seat.  I didn't know that it was going to be there, and be functional - but it was good to be able to keep my charged computer charged up ...

By the way - I have been waiting for the Kogi Korean Barbecue "truck" to open in LAX T4 for a long time.  I know it's not your fault that it's still "coming soon," but it would have been good to have had it to eat as I sat re-charging ...


Your weary traveler.

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