Wednesday, November 4, 2015

the transformation of downtown durham

It would have been inconceivable to me, 8 years ago, that there would be a trendy bar in downtown Durham featuring - well, what?  a sculpture of a suspended weasel, surrounded by wreaths of white thingies, hybrid leaf-flowers?  Inconceivable that there should be a 21c hotel, with this bar, and a restaurant.  Not that this was the trendy bar at which I had a drink or so this evening (a choice! also incomprehensible!) - not that I stopped off, either, at the ice cream parlor (called Parlour), nor the cupcake bar, nor nor nor ... this used to be half-boarded-up, thrift store territory.  The old scary carpark where I used to park?  Modern apartments.  The Greyhound station?  The Durham History Hub.  Yes - I know that this yuppification carries all sorts of social displacement issues with it - but I am still, all the same, marveling.

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