Thursday, August 18, 2016

traveling with cats

Cat-traveling at the moment has its problems, since we still have a dysfunctional kitty family (despite DandyLion still being in NJ, en route, we hope, to Connecticut before too long) - since one of the three doesn't get on with one of the others ... so, to avoid carnage (and cat pee), we now have to keep Walter Gomez and Lucy Fur separate.  Two hotel bedrooms, not one ... this gets expensive.  But Lucy F enjoyed her night with me - even if, in the morning, she exhibited her usual complete reluctance to get back in a carrier (and she didn't even know that it would be an extra-long trip, since we were skirting round the Blue Cut fire ...).  You wouldn't guess where she was, would you?  I think she believes she's invisible.

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