Saturday, December 10, 2016

hipster breakfast

Usually the lines at Sqirl are intimidating/unencouragingly long, but on a misty December morning, we made sure that we were the first people in line when it opened ... You're witnessing (in the distance) their brioche toast with ricotta and strawberry jam, and in the foreground, chickpea stew with a couple of poached eggs and some shredded kale.  It wouldn't be hipsterville without shredded kale, would it?  OK, it may be chard, but the principle is more or less the same.  Despite the prose of the website ("Sqirl is of the moment yet anchored by something deeper"), the food really is very good indeed (and yes, we carried some baked goods home - it's been a long day of packing and readying ourselves for the next few weeks).

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