Thursday, December 29, 2016

strange wildlife

I must have driven down Agua Fria and past this menagerie before ... but today I really noticed them.  They're by the sculptor Fredrick Prescott, and, kinetic, move in the wind (not that there was a great deal of that, today).  And to think ... if one of our toilets hadn't decided to stop functioning properly today, and I hadn't gone to Dahl's to buy a new one (and I totally recommend Dahl's - like a fixtures and fittings fetishist's store - I could have furnished a hundred bathrooms) ... I migt not have ended up wandering around here ... (and, incidentally, who knew that 8 years is considered a good life span for a toilet these days??  Huh?? I thought that they went on for ever.  And this one must have been a glorious ten years old, too ...)

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