Saturday, January 14, 2017

jammin' at 41

A Santa Fe reunion today, with 6 members, I think, of Carleton College Class of - well, mostly '72, including the one - Alice - who left for the more historical pastures of Macalester.  Most of them (so I'm not entirely sure why I'm billing it as a reunion) have been in and around here if not quite ever since, then at least much of the time - in Santa Fe, in Dixon, in Soccorro.  So our living room was rocking to a variety of sounds ...

... and if anyone wonders why I know all the words to the Stones' "Mother's Little Helper," let me take you back to my school - that is, when I was about 13 - and we somehow convinced our hapless, despairing music teacher, Miss Harris, that it would make an ideal entry for the Junior School Annual Folk Song competition.  Since we spent a lot of time in Singing - a weekly class - the rest of the year learning "Early One Morning," and "The British Grenadiers" and a dreadful song that started "Cuckoo cuck-oo-oo/Our joyful rover/At last you're o-o-o-ver/The ocean blu-ue," this was, shall we say, not quite in the expected mold.  We didn't win the contest.

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