Saturday, January 21, 2017

women's march ... in London!

It was terrific marching in London today - terrific because of the size of the march (100,000, they said - so large that the rally in Trafalgar Square had to be cut short, since the police wanted us to leave ... apparently we'd brought central London to a halt ...).  I was wonderfully positioned - I joined the march about halfway along its route, once my conference panel was over (!), which meant I could duck in near the front, and therefore could see and hear once I was in Trafalgar Square.  Very good spirited; lots of children; lots of speakers stressing the importance of women's rights of all kinds - I was especially impressed by a group of refugee women, and by Yvette Cooper, the MP (and shadow Home Secretary) - but above all by a sense of global solidarity.  Yes, I'd like to have been with friends in LA, or DC, or wherever, and yes, I've had a warning about exceeding my international data usage on my cell ... (how could I not send pictures home to the US?) ... but it was truly great to experience this - by serendipity of conference planning - in the UK

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