Saturday, May 14, 2011

give stuff away free (this time) day ...

If you think that you've seen certain items here before ... well, yes, almost two years ago, we had our infamous yard sale in LA, when no one bought anything.   So this time round, and it being National Give Your Stuff Away for Free Day, we did much better.   A slow cooker disappeared almost before it hit the sidewalk.   So did thermoses, mugs, glasses, saucepans - mysteriously, pretty much all that we're left with are three good-quality photo printers / combined printer and fax machines.   But they make good tax deductible items, so we are left smiling.  At least we don't have to ship stuff back 3,000 miles ... And just like LA, it turned into a Social Highlight of the Season.

And now: to finish clearing my office.   Impossible to believe that it could ever have held so much Stuff.

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