Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sometimes, I find myself just sitting in meetings and thinking - o.k., if I were to take a photograph of this - and I couldn't take a picture of the people themselves - what would the picture be of? This is good visual training (the same technique works for - what would I paint? what would I draw? - and the answer isn't always the same in relation to each medium. Sometimes, if very bored, I actually start doing the drawing... But today I was - although in a very long meeting - neither bored, nor in a position to start turning my environment into black and white cross-hatching in my notebook. Nonetheless...there was still a part of me (that is, I suppose, my eyes) that kept coming back to the possibilities inherent in the generic white-ish plastic blind; the muted greys and fawns (very Gwen John), and the very pleasing irregularity of the one bent-out-of-shape slat. So no - I didn't get out my camera mid-meeting, but crept back into the room around 5 p.m., when there was no one around to wonder why on earth anyone should be taking a photograph of, apparently, nothing.

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