Thursday, September 17, 2009

LGBTQ/QA balloons

in the multi-purpose room of the RU student center, which doubtless would have looked more festive, less sickly under the neon lighting, if I'd used a flash at the multi-initialled reception this evening (the last couple are Questioning and Allies: maybe it should be extended next year to A/A, for Asexual, whilst one's adding letters). But I didn't, because I took this during a short talk by the guest speaker, the admirable Jeff Sheng, whose portraits of lesbian and gay athletes were on display. The theme of the evening - apart from celebrations and introductions, and welcoming first years - was gay/lesbian athletes, and the particular challenges they face in coming out - I hadn't previously known of a whole site full of gays - especially - and lesbians in sport, Outsports - which now I look at it seems to be a curious mix of support and news and athletic beefcake. But it was also the 40th birthday of Rutgers's queer student organization - Cheryl Clarke beautifully introducing a small bit of history - the Rutgers Student Homophile League was founded in 1969, by Lionel Cuffie, just post Stonewall, and was the first post-S'wall queer student organization in the country. It was a most excellent event - bookended, in good Rutgers fashion, by watching two RU buses collide with each other on a corner beforehand, and the Woe and Death to All Homosexuals guy with a placard parading up and down outside as we all left.


  1. I think we may have to construct some Romaine Patterson angel wings to deal with preachingjesus777. I believe it was "Brother Greg" out there last night... he was issued a ticket for a noise violation, which prompted a rather interesting discussion about his ignorance of legal terminology. Then there was some ranting about the fact that his "freedom of speak" was being violated (to which the police officer finally responded by saying there is already 8 minutes of footage on YouTube with him responding to the same question, so to refer back to that).

    Other than that, of course, the reception was fabulous... I only hope our preacher friends don't plan on showing up for the Queer People of Color Reception next week, too.

  2. ..and there's the interesting question - how do they know of the existence of these events in the first place?

    Perhaps they'll start reading course schedules...

  3. p.s. - Lauren - loved your photos of the reception...