Saturday, September 19, 2009


Happily, it's a fairly rare occasion that I think I've taken the Picture of the Day, come home, download, and find that it's way out of focus. But. So - what's left, but to look around one's desk - and find, on this occasion, a cocktail, and the bottom of a desk lamp. "Cocktail" might be a rather grandiose name for a concoction, involving a blender, of some fruit - I think once soused in cointreau - frozen in the freezer, some blackberry flavored vodka, and half an orange. I suppose that - by some outside stretch of the imagination - it might be said to be Rutgers red. Also happily - the subject of my failed photo probably isn't going anywhere fast. In many ways, today's picture very much vindicates one major goal of taking pictures for this blog - looking around one, and seeing what's there - and so, even if I seem shackled to home and department in NJ right now, that in fact turns into a pretty good challenge.

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