Friday, May 14, 2010


ah, chairs: white, pristine, and empty. There are a whole lot of Rutgers red ones behind where I stood to take this, but these are far more photogenic. Voorhees Mall is being readied up for Commencement on Sunday, and the ground floor of Murray is snaked through with cables, the graduate lounge having been taken completely over by elaborate sound equipment, as though we were about to have a Springsteen show outside. Sadly we're not, though I'm very glad to have a decent commencement speaker this year in Eleanor Smeal, the feminist activist. On the other hand, Chris Christie is getting an honorary degree. Maybe the occasion will so wow him that he'll decide to make scything cuts after all. Or maybe not. On hearing that he will be robing up in Writers House, in Murray Hall's basement, I was very tempted to leave a piece of aging fish there to ripen a little more in this sultry weather.

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