Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rental property

It's not very encouraging to go and pay a visit to Alice's Silver Lake house and find - among various other problems - the removal of the window in a closet to put in some junky a/c unit; the replacement of the expensive shower head, and above all the fact that an extra person seems to be living there - that the people renting it have never bothered to report (as they should have done according to the terms of the lease) the retaining wall that's developed a very obvious - indeed horrendous-looking - serious crack. So I have been patrolling, camera in hand, taking pictures of the Evidence. Oh, and that piece of furniture to the right of the picture - that's a wicker chair on top of our large oak dining room table, which had been safe and living in the garage. But the garage is full of stored furniture and boxes, and this - and another smaller table - have been left out to the elements. And these elements have, of late, been startlingly damp...

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