Sunday, May 23, 2010

more abandoned chairs of Highland Park

It's nearly summer; it's trash today tomorrow - and the old chairs and sofas are starting to congregate at the kerbside. This blog wouldn't be happy without its occasional discarded chair, sagging soggily in the drizzle: these were on South First, a couple of houses up from two kitchen chairs huddled together with a rather ugly plastic basketball.

The question is starting to loom: should we add to their number? Or more to the point, does anyone want a high quality dark blue very comfortable sofa that comes apart in square units - two with corners, two without - so it could function as one long sofa, or fit in a corner, or be two small sofas, or even be four armchairs? With lots of cushions? In almost impeccable condition, yours for taking away? Eight years ago or so it cost me a ridiculous amount of money, and I've never much taken to it - but of course because of the Ridiculous Amount and the fact that it's barely used, I completely resist expelling it to the elements. Is it worth advertising it on Craig's list? Will it make its debut at the HP annual yard sale on October 9th? together with the couple of boxes that we shipped across country from LA last year, with all the trinkets that didn't sell there? I refuse to ship them (or the sofa) back again...

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