Thursday, July 29, 2010

more street art

This seems to be a very large goose, flying down a business building in Downtown Colorado Springs. I'm not sure why. I also can't imagine what it's like having a corner office there - not the usual prestigious location, when one's view is half obscured by a painted wing and a talon. I think it belongs to the firm, rather than being a further contribution to municipal street art (which at this point of Tejon Street largely consists of brightly painted butterflies on stalks, or as one might anticipate, a large statue of Spencer Penrose, who might as well have had the city named after him, for all the influence that he's exercised here.

Penrose, and the Tutt family. The morning was spent in the Tutt library of Colorado College, the afternoon in the basement of the Pikes Peak Public Library (with wonderful archivists), reading microfilms made from faded print - the library situated across from Cascade and Kiowa, where the offices of the ill-fated City Building and Loan Company were located.

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