Saturday, July 17, 2010

pelican totem

The Santa Fe Railyard - just by the Farmers Market - has grown a perfect piece of protest art: a pelican, made in the form, more or less, of a totem pole; its wings and body made out of the detritus of the oil and auto industry; its beak upraised in pain and complaint to the blue sky. There was no immediately obvious indication of its sculptor, though there was a little hole in it - like a money bank - and some small scraps of paper, and one's invited to post a message, a prayer, a request, a complaint, a howl of despair at BP.


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2010

    What a gorgeous sculpture and image! May I download the image for future contemplation/ potential uses?

    Legalistic digression:
    Which reminds me: there's no easily available copyright policy on this site! May I recommend that you click over to Creative Commons:
    choose a license, and cut and paste the XML into a widget so that it shows up here, and lets us all know your recirculating/ remixing preferences? If this were a wordpress blog, I could show you how to do it, but I"m sure it's just as easy on Blogger (Roxie has one, I think, so she could help out, if necessary). If my own image-avariciousness is any guide, there's some repurposing going on; it would be nice at the very least for you to retain rights of attribution!

    And now back to aesthetic commentary: what a gorgeous sculpture and image! One of the best responses I've seen to the crisis in the Gulf.

  2. Yes! You're right about the copyright ... I should fix that ...

    And isn't it a great sculpture? I wish I knew who's responsible (no visible sign, and googling turned up nothing. But it's opposite Site Santa Fe, and I'll ask in there if they know). Of course you may download re/use ... I'll send you a couple more images later ... just off for brunch at Real Food Nation (that ref's for Roxie...).