Saturday, July 21, 2012

afternoon walk

Today was the kind of day when I sat grim-jawed over an overdue chapter for a book (1,500 words a day - it'll be complete by the middle of next week, tricky footnotes and all - won't it?.  Then I can write another overdue chapter for another book ...) ... a piece of writing that has nothing to do with photography, even with the visual, and even with Kitten Distraction, under such circumstances one tends to forget about the need to take a picture.  I could, I suppose, have had a camera to hand when a lizard rushed into the kitchen, hotly pursued by LucyFur, and disappeared into a cabinet, but I didn't.  And our afternoon walk was remarkable for nothing - except for the sky, which was at its remarkable New Mexican best, threatening the odd drop of rain, and with the clouds floating away with all the clarity and precision of perspective that one would expect from a carefully painted opera set.


  1. Thanks for this patch of sky. Ours was low to the ground today and gray and heavy as an old wool sweater. Nice to see Eldorado looking so Eldoradoish.

    1. I don't know what I'd do without the sky here ... 1,000 words further on than this time yesterday; 500 more glances out of the window ...