Monday, July 2, 2012

pensive cats

Introductions are starting to happen.  Here is Moth, feigning acute interest in my conference paper writing - perhaps she can solve the conundrum of what I'm going to say in the final two pages.  And here's LucyFur, deeply intent on the movement of Kittens.  So far, so good - so long as they stay at a respectful three foot distance.  And don't try and play with her tail.  Closer than that - she not only growls, and hisses, but - rather unusually for a cat - utters short gruff barks.  We'll get there.  It'll take a while, and a lot of sprays of Feliway.  Lola offers ritualistic and perfunctory hisses, but is basically too elderly to care much.  DandyLion has had one encounter with Walter, who sniffed her nose - her entire, utter lack of reaction confirmed our overall fear that we have a very strangely recessive cat there.

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