Wednesday, July 4, 2012

born on the 4th of July

... or so said the menu at Cafe Fina, open today for a dry run, or a trial run, or whatever one might call it, from 10-1.  We tried to time our entry for whenever people weren't at the 4th of July Parade (but since I had the time wrong for that, that didn't work ...) - it was satisfactorily but not crazily busy, and very excellent it was too.  I had huevos - very fresh eggs, too - with tortillas and black beans and green peas and fried bananas, or plantains, and red chile - and Alice had the fluffiest pancakes imaginable.  I don't even much like pancakes, but I think that I'll order them next time ... All redecorated, and more urban chic than Eldorado, and with a beautiful patio outside.  It is so wonderful that the RFN space wasn't closed for long and that something so good has phoenixed in its place ...

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