Saturday, August 18, 2012

Before, after, and some good bits too

This morning, our hotel room safe (containing A's computer, my iPad, passports, etc) wouldn't open. OK, the code worked, the light went green - and then there was no motor, no click, no nothing. Hotel man with code couldn't budge it. Not could maintenance man with mallet, chisel, etc. No one answered the phone at the company with a spare key (or whatever). So eventually, dim maintenance man comes back, with oxyacetylene powered metal saw, etc. I go down to the front desk to complain that there are sparks shooting all over the room. Maid covers our things with sheets. Etc. eventually, yes, the door is open - miraculously, no damage done, apparently - though the room smells horrible and there are tiny metal filings everywhere.

But it looked beautiful when we got up this morning, and the Ile St Pierre, where we had a conference wine reception where Rousseau stayed, was pretty stunning, too.

Beware of hotel safes.

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