Thursday, August 9, 2012


Of course we went to Freud's house, and walked through his rooms - his waiting room restored so that it is pretty much as it was (and it must have been very gloomy waiting for Herr Doctor, too), and the room in which he saw his patients, and his study - which are pretty much given over to displays of replica photos and documents, but still managed to convey the impression of more gloom - and of Dr F being a very strange man (so much decorative clutter! - I mean, collections of significant artifacts ...). I don't know whether this swirling female figure on the door onto the garden was thee in his time, but it certainly fits the city's whole sense of quirky excess - whether in statues (outside the Unterer Belvedere) or in church facades ( here, reflected, Karlschirche - and a very strange and incongruously juxtaposed Henry Moore sculpture).

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