Wednesday, November 20, 2013

an Illegal

It was announced to day that Los Angeles is proposing to increase the number of cats that one can legally have within a household to 5 - to 5, that is, from 3.  We have four cats.  One of them, therefore, is illegal.  I don't think we should operate according to the principle of last in, first out.  I think that the illegal cat is Bitzi, originally known as DandyLion; the still-feral-after-five-years-and-counting cat; the GO AWAY DON'T TOUCH ME cat, whom I had to corral, disgruntled, under a table for the purpose of this shot.  It would be wonderful if she'd let herself be loved, but that's not happening any time soon. So, I guess, we'd better pretend, for now, that she doesn't really exist - I think it would be in accordance with her wishes ...

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