Sunday, November 10, 2013

kicks for kids

Of course it was a volleyball Sunday, or I wouldn't have been on campus.  But since I was, I went over to my office to fetch various bundles of paper, and that meant that I encountered the Kids for Kicks program.  I'd never heard of it before ... but it's a weekly soccer program run by USC students for kids with special needs (with lots of free nutritional bars and so on as well).  I'd never thought about the fact that if one's in a wheelchair and has some kind of foot mobility, then one can kick one of these large scale balls ... sometimes I think that we ought to have a day - a half-day? - when students get to tell us, the faculty, about all the different causes and activities that they're involved in, because (unless they do a photo-documentary project for my course and one finds out, say, that they like hurling themselves dangerously off buildings as their choice of extreme sport) it's so rare that we get to know what they do when they're not in class ...

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