Friday, November 29, 2013

senior night

... or at the very least: senior afternoon.  Natalie, Alexis, and Sara - we'll miss you ... and thank you.  It's great to see our seniors come on court with their families at the start of the game - and also a scary reminder about how quickly college years come and go.  And also a chance to speculate as to whether there's a nursery, somewhere, that breeds roses of a precise cardinal and gold coloring.  Well, indeed, I think not.  Who knew?  There's a firm out there that does custom dyeing of roses in school colors.  At least USC is flower-plausible in its tints, as witnessed by endless flowerbeds of cardinal and gold pansies, etc. Weirder if, like some places, we had blue and yellow, say.  You'd have thought that a tasteful bouquet of irises might be put together in such cases - but no: the convention would seem to be dyed flowers.  USC beat Colorado 3-0, to take 3rd place in the Pac 12 - so we await Sunday's announcement of the seedings/brackets for the National Championships with some anticipation/trepidation - so much so that we then watched 3 more live Pac-12 matches live on TV this evening.  I guess that expensive Time Warner subscription is good for something ...

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