Sunday, April 27, 2014

not an eyeball

nor a mis-shapen planet, but the bottom of one of the little wells in the bottom basin of our waterfall.  This waterfall needs cleaning out every six weeks or so - emptying, and then cleaning with - well, what?  What's good for getting rid of algae, and is also ecologically sound?  I always turn to baking soda and vinegar, because I think that's good for anything (smelly drains, etc), but who knows?  It's a lengthy and messy operation.  At the bottom of this little pool are some mosquito larvae (another good reason to perform the clean-up).  I remember one summer in Wimbledon, when I was about eight or so, finding some mosquito larvae in a bird bath in our garden - I was so excited: I thought they were baby newts.  I don't remember being disabused of this fantasy - but alas, they never turned into the full grown amphibians that I was hoping for ...

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