Sunday, April 6, 2014

the ugliness of copper mining

A fitting conclusion to the "Land" conference was the view at Salt Lake City airport of the huge copper  mine that's just by the airport (I was, of course, lucky, in a sense, to see this view - not from of the terminal I'd planned to fly out of - my flight was canceled, I had to be rebooked, etc.).  On the way to the airport, the cab driver suddenly launched into a eulogy of the mine's owners, Rio Tinto Zinc, which to anyone who knows about their activities in Indonesia, Bhopal, and so on, was a little hard to take, especially when he started to say what wonderful employers they are.  Which may, relatively speaking, be true in SLC, but is a more contestable view when advanced on a global scale.  There's not much aesthetically/environmentally that can be said in favor of this ripping apart of a hillside, to be sure.

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