Friday, January 23, 2015

peck peck peck

OK - claws up - who's responsible for this?  The side of our Santa Fe mailbox seems to have been turned into a sculpture, apparently of a south-of-France Roman amphitheater.  I suspect the flicker that's been hanging around our back yard, presumably after digesting the woodworm or whatever he's found here.

Turning round and hitting the road tomorrow - driving Alice and the cats back to a meeting that she's just learned has been postponed (the cats were not planning on attending, to clarify).  I am gnashing my teeth: I could well have done with an extra day here, but alas, other plans rest, by now, on the original schedule ... So probably the mail box mystery won't be solved, and by the time we're next here, it will have collapsed into sawdust and splinters.

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