Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow White cottages

Every day I drive past these little cottages - a kind of court of them, like almshouses, though they were actually built in 1931.  They're just up the road from Gelson's, our local supermarket.  And Gelson's was built on the site where Disney had his animation studios from 1926-1940.  It's said that workers from the studios lived in these cottages ...

... it's certainly local lore that they formed the basis for the dwarfs' cottages in Snow White ... (1937).

Sadly, they've been re-roofed fairly recently, so they're not made of the crazy shingles that they used to be.  Not that I ever saw Snow White, but I did see Mulholland Drive, and if you think that you've seen these buildings in a less dwarfy context, think back to the Sierra Bonita complex ... yes, the one with a rather past-its-best corpse in it ...

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