Tuesday, April 28, 2015

obscuring identity

I was faced with a dilemma today.  I'm very much in a clearing and sorting mode - in my office, at home (at home, maybe it's really, still, unpacking that should have been done two years ago).  Buried deep in an office drawer I found this - thing.  A couple of years back the College's magazine did some kind of feature on me and other relatively new arrivals.  All of us were illustrated by - well, drawings. The person responsible for the article thought that this would be more original than photographs.  She took the photos in which the drawings - all of them awful - were based.  And then, by way of thanks, we were sent the originals, framed, and then wrapped in bubble wrap.  Not only is mine unflattering, it doesn't even look like me at my worst - that is, it looks like an unflattering, and weirdly colored image of someone else (although, in fact, I don't mind it at all in the obscured version that I reproduce).  Somehow, though, I can't quite bring myself to throw myself away.  I guess it'll end up buried out of sight again.

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