Tuesday, April 7, 2015

small lilies

Sitting working at home (Alice is home for a few days; she needed to borrow the car) - I always find this hard on a weekday (give me my office, a library, an airport - I just find it hard to settle at home, in term time.  I'm sure the little calla lilies helped (it was actually a productive day, albeit mostly chair-stuff).  But why should I find this so hard?  I'm sure it's partly the Oxford, always-work-in-one's-room - or in the Bodleian - mode.  But over and beyond that - I think it's that I always really enjoyed going to school, and barely ever missed a day - apart from around the time of Princess Alexandra's wedding, in 1963, when I had measles.  How do I remember that?  The doctor came round - yes, they did house calls then - and remarked with surprise that we were the only household he'd been to that day that wasn't watching the Royal Wedding.  This was, of course, hardly surprising at all, since we didn't have a TV.  So yes, staying at home - I guess at some level it must make me feel as though I'm under the weather, or worse ...

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