Thursday, April 9, 2015

Traveler - up close and personal

Traveler - our USC mascot - was not someone I was expecting to see just outside my office when I was heading home this evening.  Why, I don't know.  Is he trotted out for "Explore USC" days, so that he can meet prospective students and their parents? (an event that had earlier found me sitting and answering questions on a panel that was rather incongruously situated on the set of a production of Grease).  But surely I'd have encountered him before, if so?  In any case, it was quite wonderful to look at him close up, rather than cantering down the sidelines of the football field when USC scores a touchdown.  He's extraordinarily fit, and handsome.  It was strangely domestic having him just by one's workplace, rather like the time I brought a pony into the kitchen at 20 Hillside (quite why, I can't remember).

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