Thursday, February 11, 2016

morning abstraction

A little bit of abstraction with your morning coffee?  Or at least whilst boiling a kettle?  (I was actually moving to take a photograph of that, in all its electric blue lit glory, but it had turned itself off by the time that I reached it).  But this has a certain cold geometric pleasure to it, and I think that abstraction is in order on a day when gravitational waves have been discovered, for real.  I've been so excited by the thought of those black holes colliding, and not just because of the size of the flash, the escaping energy that that occasioned, but because of the possibility of thinking about the unthinkable beyond - or whatever the right spatial or prepositional term might be.  And that little magnified blip! If you didn't listen to that blip of contact, go and do so, and think how extraordinary it is.

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