Sunday, February 21, 2016

the schoenborn house, and other miscellanea

How could we resist going to one particular open house within walking distance of us, today?  The Schoenborn house, built in 1924 (five years earlier than our house!) by LA architect Wallace Neff, and of course it was great to see how another house of the same age and style was constructed (enviably well) and looked.  Terrific ironwork by Eugen Julius Dietzmann.  We much prefer our view ... but this has a great number of intersecting, and very light spaces.

However .., the architecture, and things like the Crane bathroom (we have a Crane bathroom, I'm pretty sure) - weren't the sole motivation for this visit.  A.L. Schoenborn, like Alice's grandfather Walter Davis, was another Buildings and Loan guy.  And he too got into financial trouble, and he too committed suicide most probably - albeit not in this house.  He left it, in the middle of the night, in his bathrobe, and drove to a garage in Sawtelle, and was found there in a car full of exhaust fumes ... having seen the house, and the great views over downtown, one can only conclude that he was, indeed, terribly depressed.

Meanwhile, here's LucyFur with a catnip banana, 

and some blossom.  So very good to be back in LA!

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