Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Washington, at last

The first thing I'd like to say about these pictures is that you see them as shot - in color.  Second - the color here today is grey and black.  But I'm very glad to be here ... We were warned (flying from Raleigh Durham) that it would be a bumpy flight - but the most heart-in-mouth moment was aborting the landing at Reagan National, accelerating up and sideways and up again, and then wobbling around in the clouds with the pilot telling us we were going to go to Richmond, Virginia, because we'd need some more fuel ... Fuel was put on board.  DC, we were told, was still impassable, so we deplaned, meandered around Richmond Airport, until they found a bus, and loaded us up, and drove us to DC - which was very damp, and had a strange narrow but thick layer of fog over the Potomac.   One could see why Foggy Bottom is called Foggy Bottom.  I felt very sorry for the colleague from UNC who had a grad student meeting her here, and had been told at the airport that the plane had been diverted because of "a dangerous situation on board" - you'd think that they could manage to find a more soothing way of telling someone that we couldn't land?

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